Velosit FF 220 (44lb bag)

Velosit FF 220 (44lb bag)

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VELOSIT FF 220 is a cementitious patching mortar for underlayment and slabs. It is used to create a smooth surface for thin floor coverings.

Typical applications:

  • Interior and exterior use
  • Smoothing of concrete slabs and floors
  • Repair of small surface defects on concrete floors
  • Ramps between floor coverings with slightly different height
  • Application thickness from feather edge to 6 mm (¼“).


  • Minimal shrinkage/expansion under dry resp. wet curing conditions minimizing the risk of micro-cracking
  • Creamy workability
  • No sand, max. aggregate size < 0.07 mm (< 3 mils)
  • Smooth surface profile
  • Ready for covering with flooring system after 15 – 20 min.
  • 10 min. working time and 0.5 MPa (73 psi psi) adhesive strength after 1 hour
  • Open to foot traffic after 20 min. 
  • Very good adhesion to properly prepared concrete
  • Excellent water resistance, no strength loss under water
  • Light gray color close to concrete color