PoloPlaz Primero

PoloPlaz Primero

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<500 g/L Solids

43% Flash Point 

>100° F Solvents 

Mineral Spirits Shelf Life

1 Year Unopened Coverage 

500 sq . ft/gal Color 


PoloPlaz Primero is an incredibly fast curing polyurethane that is  tougher than most waterbornes or moisture cures . Using acid cure now?  Leave the smell behind and take durability to the next level with Primero. With 16 quart caddies per bucket, our revolutionary container design delivers a product that is not only easy to use, but provides the perfect solution for the messy cleanup that numerous cans on a job site create. Faster cure means fewer callbacks. Primero delivers reliable overnight drying even in poor conditions and reaches a greater hardness in three days than most other finishes ever reach.